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  • $499 Bull's Art Wood made in bloodwood from amazon's jungle see more


    This is an art bull made in bloodwood (palo sangre) by the tikunas indians from the Amazonian Jungle Forest, the color and the brightness are natural. On Sale now U$499. Price Before U$1.499.


    This peace of art was made in Amazonian's jungle forest by the tikunas indians
    Autor German tikuna
    Amazonian Forest:

    It had taken for about 6 weeks of dedicated artist hand made work.


    Grain/Texture: Grain is usually straight or slightly interlocked. Has a fine texture with good natural luster, and is also somewhat chatoyant.

    Workability: Bloodwood is extremely dense, and has a pronounced blunting effect on cutters. The wood tends to be brittle and can splinter easily while being worked. Those persistent enough to bear with the difficulties of working with Bloodwood to the finishing stage are rewarded with an exceptional and lustrous red surface.


    Color/Appearance: Heartwood is a bright, vivid red. Color can darken to a darker brownish red over time with exposure to light. Applying a thick protective finish, and keeping the wood out of direct sunlight can help slow this color shift. Well defined sapwood is a pale yellowish color, though given the typically large trunk diameters, it’s seldom seen or included in imported lumber.

Grab The BULL By Its Horns and Ride It Into The SUNSET !
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